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Three pups in new homes

Three puppies left for their new homes today!

Naruto has gone to live with volunteer Alice and her family, who have been looking for a young dog for some time, and puppy Naruto was just what they were looking for. And of course we see Alice regularly and we know that we will have lots of updates on how this little lad is getting on now he has left the SPA.

black puppy

Naruto – ADOPTED 

Anther pup to leave for his forever home today is Pablo. In fact although he was at the SPA for a couple of weeks, last Wednesday he went to live with foster mum Isa. It was a colleague of hers who had reserved Pablo,  however as she was unable to take him immediately, Pablo has spent the past five days getting socialised with Isa’s dogs. It does no harm at all to pups to change home like this, they adapt very quickly. But this evening Pablo (now renamed Nox) is in his forever home, along with a nine year old canine pal, a rabbit, some tortoises and some aviary birds!

Pablo (now Nox) – ADOPTED

We also said goodbye to Inuka. She was the last female to leave, and I think she only stayed this long because her initial reservation was cancelled. Of course we would far rather people cancelled a reservation than adopt a puppy they don’t want, but it caused a bit of confusion for people who were trying to work out who was still available. Like me!

black shepherd cross


So now only Diego is left. He is a male who will be about 20kg as an adult. Although it is not nice to think of him all alone, in fact he has company for now, as another pup is still there, although she is reserved. Plus we often find that the last pup to leave ends up with a wonderful home. We have to point out that there is nothing at all wrong with him; there is ALWAYS a last pup, and on this occasion it is him, that is all! And who knows, perhaps he will find a foster family even if it is just for a couple of days 😉 !

black shepherd cross

Diego – “when will it be MY turn?”

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