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Three Saturday Adoptions

It has been a couple of days since our last blog, mainly because there have been no adoptions. However that has changed today, so here we are!

Today was the annual Forum of Associations here in Carcassonne. This event was due to take place in September, but was postponed due to inclement weather. Today, despite a chilly start, the weather was perfect, and the SPA was there in force, showing off some of our residents. And one of them, Phoebe, found a home! We are delighted for her. She is a lovely little girl who arrived unidentified and looking very thin. The SPA was contacted by someone who knew her former owner, and also Phoebe’s original name, Nala. But looking at the state of this girl we were not too upset when she was not reclaimed.

At just over a year old, this lovely dog has a new home with a friend of SPA employee Vincent, so we will have lots of news!

black dog with long-ish ears

Phoebe/ Nala – ADOPTED

Of course we hope that the Forum of Associations will bring us lots of new volunteers, but having an adoption is a great result already.

And there was more good news at the SPA.

Thanks to Ingrid’s video, a family came to the SPA yesterday to meet lovely Anatolian shepherd, Pacha. This dog, not yet two years old, has had a very disrupted life. He arrived at the SPA on October 2nd, his story before then is complicated. Without going into details, suffice it to say that Pacha really needed a new start. A visit today to introduce Pacha to the family’s female went well today, and Pacha’s new life has begun.

anatolian shepherd


We then said goodbye to Bran. He is the last border collie from the group that was found living in the back of the vehicle and he has been with us almost three months. His life at the SPA has probably felt like heaven to him after his earlier confinement, but things got even better today. Bran is just over two years old, but his scarred face tells its own tale. He will love his new life with a family that includes two children and an elderly cat.

border collie


So after a slow couple of days things picked up today. Let’s hope it continues next week.

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