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Three wonderful adoptions

We have three lovely adoptions to tell you about, this evening.

The first lucky dog, José, has gone to live with SPA “angel” Marieange. Her name will be known to followers of the blog; she invariably takes elderly dogs and loves them more than they have ever been loved before. And José really loves to be loved! This little shih-tzu of some ten years was brought in by a woman claiming to have found him. No owners came forward, however, so the SPA was left with no option other than to find him a new home. And with Mariange, José has hit the jackpot big time.

small grey shih-tzu


Our second leaver was Fifty. He is an eight year old labrador who was abandoned by his owner last month and whereas many owners tell us a lot about their dogs when they bring them in for rehoming, Fifty’s owner new almost nothing about his dog. He did not know what Fifty was like with other dogs, even, as believe it or not he had never been in contact with them.

Fifty turned out to be just fine with other dogs, so has probably quite enjoyed his time at the SPA, sharing his box and playing in the parks. But he will enjoy his new life even more. He found a wonderful new home today!

pale lab


Third to leave was basset fauve de Bretagne, Chanel. She was brought in for rehoming by her owner, who, following a change in family circumstances and a move to an appartment, no longer had time to look after his dog. Chanel is only a year old, and extremely lively and was used to daily runs with her master. Being at the SPA has not been easy for her, but luckily she has only been there for a week or so.

Many of you know that we have close personal friendships with many fauve lovers, and have rehomed many of them thanks to the group Fauve Rescue. The group’s founder, Georgie, has become a friend of mine, and I knew that she would do her best to find a great home for Chanel. I was right. Having lost two beloved fauves to old age in recent months, Georgie and her family had just about decided to not adopt any more dogs of that breed; sometimes it is just too painful. But after long family discussions they had a change of heart! Yes, Chanel has gone to live with little teckel John Wayne and the rest of Georgie’s menagerie, canine, feline and avian. Oh, and human, too.

basset fauve de Bretagne

Chanel – ADOPTED

They are spending the night here before making the eleven hour journey home, so I am off now to enjoy a gin and tonic!

The SPA is open tomorow for the first Sunday of the month and we hope to see some of you then. Cheers!

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