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Time for a Change

Tonight will be the last blog from me for a while, as I am off to the UK tomorrow for a few days. Moira is already there and will be away for several more weeks.  So now seems like a good time to let you know that as of now the blog is changing , and we hope you agree it is for the better!

Since the “retirement” of our long suffering translator, Helene, the blog has been less accessible to the French community. Many people use Google translate, but the information on the blog can be gleaned quite easily from just seeing which dogs’ photos have been added to the album of adoptees. So whereas the blog will be visible here, on the DRC website, and on the DRC Facebook page as usual, it will not longer be duplicated on the ScPA Facebook page.

You might also notice less refuge news, and more information of general interest. And as we will not be waiting for news from the refuge, the blog will not be tied to a particular time of day either, which will be quite liberating for both Moira and me.

Moira and I regard this as a very positive move both for DRC and for the ScPA. Times have changed and the refuge has less need of DRC now than when we first started to help them some 10 years ago. Euthanasia is now a thing of the past, and many of the things for which DRC worked at the beginning, such as castration /sterilisation of all animals, are accepted as standard. There are far more volunteers and things seem to be rolling along well. There is no reason to think that this will change in the future.

Plus DRC has its own distinct identity, which is something we would be stupid to ignore.

So less refuge news, more Home to Homes, and more DRC and Anglophone related news. In brief a much more streamlined approach all round, always with the well being of dogs as our number one priority.

We hope you continue to support us in this and are as excited about the changes as we are.

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