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Tina finds a home. And a friend.

Today we said goodbye to lovely Tina. This tiny little dog arrived at the end of August, and our first thought was that someone would be along to collect her. Not only is she small and affectionate, she arrived with a brand new collar. Someone must have loved this dog until very recently. She hated being alone in her kennel (unavoidable for the first ten days while dogs are in the Pound, for hygiene reasons) and would fling herself at anyone who came to visit, desperate for a cuddle.

Sadly for her, she was not identified, so the ScPA had no way of contacting her owner. When will people learn that this is one of the best ways to find a lost dog, as well as being the law.

Once out of the Pound, Tina went to share her kennel with poodle Pompom, and has been on walks with many different people. Always in the hope that maybe this time  she would not be going back to her kennel. Putting her back has not been easy, and the look in her eyes each time has caused more than a few sleepless nights.

Puppy Isaac (now Charlie) was adopted in mid June, and for a month or so his mum, Jane, has been looking for a new companion for him. Today she asked to meet Tina, and like everyone else who has met her, she was smitten. The two dogs seemed to like each other too, which of course is key.

Tina with Charlie

We know that Tina will have a lovely time, and she definitely knew that her luck had changed as soon as she snuggled up in the back of Jane’s car. We look forward to news and pictures of this lovely little girl who will be so delighted to have a new home where she has two new laps to sit on, and a friend to play with.

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