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Titou| A279

Titou male crossMale, Young, Medium

What a shame it was to see Titou back at the refuge. This young lad was adopted in April last year and sadly his owner has been taken into long term care and is unable to keep his dog. When his first owner brought him in, we were told that he was uncontrollable. However that is not what his most recent owner says. Titou is fine in the home, he is very well behaved, house-trained and calm. He is fine with other dogs and is affectionate and loves to play. The main problem facing Titou is his unusual physique, as he looks like a malinois corgi cross. Still, we all know that it is more important to have a well behaved and affectionate dog than one that conforms to the norms of beauty! Let’s find Titou a lovely home again! He is three years old ready to find love again.

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  • Well behaved and calm
  • Gets on well with other dogs
  • Looking for an active family

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