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To brush or not to brush…..

A Third of British Dog Owners Brush Their Dog’s Teeth (& It Could Save Their Dog’s Life!)

I laughed when I read this headline as every time I am coming back to France from the Uk, Darcey asks me to bring doggy toothpaste. She cleans all of her dog’s teeth every night.

I have to admit that I did laugh, but no…it really could save their life!


Tooth and gum disease is something which is easily preventable if owners follow simple steps including regular brushing, improving their dog’s diet and using dental specific food and chews if recommended by vets. Two thirds of vets recommend that owners clean their dog’s teeth every day.

Gum disease can lead to periodontal disease, a build-up of plaque which can if left untreated cause the gums to recede, bacteria to enter the bloodstream and sometimes even spread to other organs, the heart, for example.

The worst-case scenarios for untreated tooth and gum disease in animals can result in tooth extractions, blood poisoning / septicaemia, tooth loss, disease in other organs and even death.

So what are the signs that there may be a problem  :

  • Blood on their toys
  •  Facial swelling
  •  Dropping food
  •  Favouring one side of the mouth
  •  Bad breath

If you decide to start, here are a few tips..

  • Start by getting your dog used to having your fingers around its mouth by gently pulling gums back and massaging them.
  •  Use a finger brush to get your dog used to having something touching its teeth and gums.
  •  Once your dog is used to the finger brush, move on to using toothpaste and a doggy toothbrush.
  • Only dog-friendly toothpaste should be used as it does not contain fluoride which is dangerous to dogs.
  • Always use positive reinforcement with treats and praise so your dog ends up enjoying having its teeth cleaned.

So, I am going to give it a go………who else brushes or what do you use to keep these knashers sparking????





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