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Toufou leaves and so does a rabbit.

We had a lovely adoption today (well, two, but only one dog) and no arrivals, so we were pretty happy, all in all.

The lucky dog was Toufou, and he is indeed very lucky. His first owner died, and a neighbour wanted to save the dog the trauma of arriving at the SPA. However three years later he brought him to the SPA anyway, because Toufou kept chasing after females in heat. There were solutions to this, one being to fence the garden (or a part of it) and the other was to castrate the dog. Neither was acceptable. However in his new home both solutions are in place!

We are very happy for this lovely boy, especially as his new family came to meet him on our open weekend and gave the adoption proper reflection before making a decision. His new family were looking for a calm and well mannered dog. Sometimes when touring the refuge you think that is impossible, which is why it is always worth talking to the staff and vounteers. What appears to be a wild and exciteable beast is quite often a lovely dog just saying “Please pick me, pick me!”

Not that love at first sight is a bad thing, either of course.

Such was the case with today’s second adoption. No, not a dog this time, but our recently resident rabbit Romarin. A great supoorter of the SPA saw his photo on Facebook and decided to add a rabbit to their menagerie. Romarin had been found dumped next to some dust bins, and has been living in the cat house for a couple of weeks. All change for him now!

brown dog with white stripe










Romarin – ADOPTED
white rabbit


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