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T’s crossed and I’s dotted…phew!

If a dog is entering the UK to be rehomed it can no longer travel under the pet travel scheme. Instead you must comply with the rules of the Balai Directive and a ITAHC ( Intra trade animal health certificate) must be completed.

The information from this ITAHC is then processed through TRACES (The Trade Control and Expert System). TRACES is a web-based system run by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection which records the exact movement of animals throughout Europe.

Veterinary authorities from the UK and abroad use TRACES to track the movement of consignments across Europe and any movement may be subject to spot checks,

Before the dogs arrive at the receiving European rescue they must inform their local DEFRA department of their arrival. The DEFRA vets can then choose to visit and examine the records and dogs usually up to 48 hours after arrival.

Today our dogs who left about a week ago were visited  by the DEFRA vets. All was in order of course and its good to know that after all of that paperwork that DEFRA do actually carry out checks.

What happens if you don’t comply and are caught? You or the rescue are fined and the dogs can be quarantined! That’s an expense and consequence we really couldn’t justify for the sake of a couple of hours extra administration.

All of the 6 dogs are being assessed, are having full health screens and the rescue are very sure that they will be adopted very quickly.  We will of course keep you posted…

At the refuge today we had two arrivals. Two of the recent arrivals, Rouk and Gulliver arrived as their owner had died. They are both young, handsome and very sociable boys!

Without the SPA Carcassonne, doggies like Rouk and Gulliver would face a really uncertain future, so lets find them  happy forever homes really quickly!

DEFRA…thank goodness all the t’s were crossed i’s dotted…phew!



Rouk needs a new home!


Gulliver needs a home too..


Crumble arrived today…









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