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Two abandons and two adoptions

We have both good and bad news today.

Brenda was brought back after just three days in her new home, as apparently she is aggressive with the family’s other dog. We know Brenda is fine with everyone, and in fact the family did come along and make sure the two dogs got on, so all should have been well. And probably would have in a day or so. There are often niggles when two dogs meet in a new home. These usually stop quickly and the dogs end up being best friends.  And of course we are always here to give advice. But advice can only be given if people are willing to take it, and so poor Brenda is back. Sharing her box of course.

pale brown and white griffon

Brenda is back

It is particularly annoying as the family reserved Brenda weeks in advance.  So that is it, the SPA is no longer taking reservations more than 2 weeks in advance unless the dog is waiting to travel abroad.

Before the ink was dry on that contract of abandon, back came puppy Marcus (who was called Tonito when he was adopted in November). He is now four months old and was abandoned for …well, being a puppy, I guess. So that wasn’t the best home either.

small black puppy

4-month old Marcus is back too


Moving onto today’s good news; two adoptions.

First to leave was Laika. You probably won’t have seen her, but this little French bulldog has been here for a few weeks. This was not her first visit, but we were waiting for the go ahead to rehome her due to the long term illness of her owner. Of course dogs like this are much in demand, so it is lucky that Laika was spotted by a family who will be there for her through thick and thin. She has been in the wars recently, but is in great hands and we will get regular news of her in her new life.

French bulldog


Then another great adoption, that of Junior, who is also here due to the long term illness of his owner. He arrived in early November with his pal Jolie, who is still looking for a home. But lucky Junior was chosen by a family with young children today, and was last seen in the arms of his new admirers.

pale spaniel

Junior – ADOPTED

So that was Thursday then! What a strange week it has been so far!

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  1. Oh what a shame about Brenda! Our (almost identical) Maggie was just the same when she pitched up here – bossed our ‘dog in residence’ to within an inch of his life – just needed to flex her muscles & establish that she thought she was going to be the boss! Hmmmm – it certainly took more than 3 days & bags of patience, common sense etc to sort out the way forward.
    They are (as you say) great friends now, although there are occasional flashes of dominance from Maggie, even after 5+ years.
    Why do people give up so easily??

  2. So sorry to see Brenda back. We have had first hand experience of this lovely girl as we cared for her after her operation. We can assure everyone she is loving and affectionate by the bucket load. Quick and keen to learn and happy to please with praise when she gets it right. Upset to see her new family were lacking in patience and didn’t give her time or take the advice of those at the SPA that have experience and are there to help every new dog and owners settle into a new life.

    She shares her kennel at the SPA so its not that she doesn’t love other dogs. She met a few when we walked her, including other animals, goats, Donkeys, Horses and sheep and didn’t bark or get excited.

    We hope she finds a home soon.

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