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Two adoptions already!

Today brings you the first blog of the year, but not the first adoption! That took place earlier this week, but with lots of staff on holiday, getting information is not always straightforward. No matter, though, today is a good chance to catch up.

So who was the first leaver of 2019? It was none other than Neika! She arrived in early November with a badly broken leg. She was operated on, naturally, but afterwards she required a long period of convalescence, which of course added to her frustration. Keeping a young dog immobile for weeks on end is not easy, and staff and volunteers have been making sure that Neika got out for a short walk at least once a day. All she wanted to do was leap around, of course.

Now she has a home Neika will recuperate far quicker, and with any luck this young girl will soon be able to run around to her heart’s content. We look forward to news of her progress from her new family. Many thanks to them for our first adoption of 2019!

brown and white shepherd cross


Today’s adoption was that of the last dog abandoned last year! Poker was brought in on December 31st by his owner who said that Poker was perfect in every way, except for being car sick. Of all the excuses to abandon a dog, this is one of the most ridiculous I have heard. Many dogs go through some car sickness, and most of them get over it, and those who don’t are usually loved enough for their owners to forgive them this minor imperfection.

In any case, it didn’t take long for lovely Poker to find a new home. He left today for a new life and we are all delighted for him.

setter cross


More good news is on the way, as early as tomorrow. Welcome to 2019, everyone!

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