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Two adoptions and a mis-chipped Missie!

It was a slightly better day at the SPA today, with two adoptions and one dog being reclaimed.

The reclaimed dog was Missie, who arrived yesterday as an unidentified dog. However eagle-eyed Carole spotted her on Pet Alert, where it was clearly stated that she was identified. In actual fact the truth was somewhere in the middle. Rare though it is, microchips can become defective, and such was the case here. Luckily Missie’s owners were so relieved to find her that having a new chip inserted (a matter of seconds) was no issue. Next time you see your vet, why not have him or her check your dog’s chip, just to make sure it is still working. Beautiful Missie would no doubt have found a new home soon, but she has a home already!


The first of the day’s adoptions was that of Nikita. This little malinois puppy arrived some two weeks ago, and went straight into foster with volunteer Stephanie. She is the sponsor of malinois Isidor, and hopes to adopt him in the future, so she was determined not to fall for her new pup. True to her word, she set about finding a new home for her pup, and today Nikita left for her new home. Many thanks to Stephanie for her first successful foster! (A failed foster is when the family keeps the dog, as many of us know!)

Malinois pup

Nikita – ADOPTED (many thanks to foster mum Stephanie)

We then said goodbye to Loucky. He arrived last week, wearing a collar with his name on. Although this can be useful, it does not count as identification, especially when there is no phone number. At least with a number there is a chance that owners can be contacted. As it was, though, Loucky waited in the pound for 10 days before being put up for adoption. He is a fabulous looking boy, and we are delighted that his wait was not a long one.

white and beige chunky dog

Loucky – ADOPTED

Let’s hope the week carries on in a positive way.


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