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Two Adoptions and Balou Finds a Foster!

Today was a good day at the SPA, and amongst all the dogs and cats arriving, we need days like this from time to time.

We had two adoptions, and then just before closing time, what for many will be considered the BIG news of the day, although of course it is all big news!

The first adoption was that of César. This dog had not been with us for long, only 3 weeks or so. But when you hear his story you will realise why his adoption is cause for celebration. César was left tied up alone when his owner passed away. A group of well-meaning locals decided that the best thing would be to visit him each day to feed him, and try to find him a new home. However dogs need so much more than that, and we have to thank DRC supporter Maria for making sure César made it to the safety of the SPA. Yes, there are nicer places for dogs, but here this eight year old lad had a far better time than being tied up all day. Plus of course he could be seen by visitors, such as the gentleman who came to visit the SPA today following the sad death of ex SPA dog Comet.

So after a quick bonding walk it was time for César to start his new life, and we are sure he will be very happy.

jagd terrier


Fresko too has been adopted by someone who has recently lost an ex SPA dog. Jane adopted Guizmo from us about 5 years ago, and he has ben the perfect companion ever since. She made a tearful  visit to us today, following the sad death of Guizmo on Friday. She had seen Fresko on the website and had a feeling that he was “the one”. Her other dog was missing Guizmo, and although no dog can ever replace a beloved pet, four new paws in the house can help to heal the pain. Fresko arrived over two months ago, and although it took him some time to settle down, he is becoming less timid by the day. He will make far quicker progress in Jane’s loving home.

red spaniel

Fresko – ADOPTED

Finally to Balou! Yes, after almost three years at the SPA, this lovely old boy, now eleven and a half years old, finally has a home. Volunteer Sebastien previously fostered Tis (now Alfie, happily homed with another of our many Janes), and loved the fostering experience. This time is a bit different, though, as he has taken Balou in to long term foster!

This is amazing news. Balou has spent a long time at the SPA. He arrived as a stray, although we subsequently found out that he was left to wander following a divorce. I wonder if his former owners ever spare him a thought….. Balou has been a favourite with just about everyone, but no one ever offered him a home, until now. Balou has a great personality, is still on fine form for his age, and we are all overjoyed that he will not be spending yet another winter in a cold refuge. Many thanks to Sebastian.

Big hairy griffon


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