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Two Adoptions and Barock finds a foster home

We had two adoptions today and both were of pinshers! Bit of a size difference between them, though.

First to leave was Chocolat. Yes, again! This time his new owner has been told that despite his size, Chocolat is quite feisty. However this did not seem to put his new owner off. Chocolat has had quite a lot of disruption in his  life recently and we hope that he can now settle down and regain some confidence.

tiny brown pincher

Chocolat – ADOPTED

We then said goodbye to pinscher number two. This time it was Doberman cross Mario’s turn. This lovely boy arrived at the end of July, believe it or not, abandoned due to a house move. He had lived with children and cats, so we expected  him to be snapped up quickly. However it has taken nearly three months for him to find a home. His new family came to visit him at a recent open day and fell in love, but they wanted to be sure that this big dog would fit in with their family and with their lifestyle. Very wise! They have visited the SPA a couple of times in the meantime, and today was the day when Mario finally left. We wish him a wonderful new life.

big black and brown dog in paddling pool


In other news, a wonderful SPA supporter has responded to our appeal for long term foster families and has offered a home to eleven year old Barock. Thank you so much to “Adele” and her family. It is not the first time they have fostered for us, and we know how happy Barock will be. It has been horrible seeing him in the park crying. Still, he is looking far better than when he arrived at the SPA at the end of March, very thin and clearly after much neglect.

Fluffy mid-brown dog


And in new arrivals we have what looks like a female Chocolat, so if all that put you off this dog was his sex, you could be in luck!

tiny brown pinsher

New arrival ROMY

We had a couple of reservations, too! A good end to the week.


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