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Two adoptions but 5 arrivals!

Another beautiful day here and a very busy one at the refuge!

First to leave was Poilu or Bleu as he is now called. Volunteer Ellen spotted him the day after he arrived and reserved him on the spot. She has been visiting him regularly during his ‘pound’ time, getting to know him and today he left looking very pleased to at be out of his kennel!

Next to leave was Maddox. When I first met Maddox he was sitting in a pool of bloody diarrhoea…yes he had parvo and was really quite poorly. This little setter x is a survivor and he pulled through, bounced back and off hes gone to live with a Dutch lady in France.

After seeing Balou on last nights blog, one of our supporters has offered to pay his adoption fee.  She would have loved to have him herself but already has two of our doggies so felt that if she paid his adoption fee she might just be able to help him find a home before winter!

Five dogs did arrive, 3 hunting types, a Belgian Shepherd and a very cute little terrier cross. I did see the little terrier leaving later on in the afternoon but that still leaves 4 to be reclaimed.

There were lots of volunteers and lots and lots of dogs walked and we did have a very special reservation!

We did have a very special arrival an aiguana who had left with a volunteer. Yes we normally just accept dogs and cats but we have had a few other species too!

Bleu adopted!


Maddox adopted..


Our special arrival..





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