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Two adoptions but four arrivals, including another oldie.

The refuge was very busy this afternoon. In both good and bad ways. On the good side, we had two adoptions and lots of volunteers walking dogs, including three new volunteers who have joined the team.

On the bad side, we had 5 arrivals, although one (who was identified) left straight away. But that still means four new dogs at the SPA, one of whom is even older and in even worse condition that the boy who arrived yesterday. I really hope this is not a case of people getting rid of dogs deliberately, but if this is not the case, why haven’t they phoned to look for their dogs? And more to the point, why are their dogs not identified?

Apart from the old man, who is as yet nameless, we had the arrival of Rox was a pre-scheduled abandon due to a change in family circumstances. Vista is the third puppy from an unwanted litter of borders (Google and Twitter are both in foster). Then we have another fabulous malinois, who is very similar in looks to Miedo who arrived earlier this week, but possibly a bit older and unidentified.

If there were a prize for lucky girl of the day, it would have to go to Brindille. This tiny girl actually arrived at the SPA on October 17th, but it took a couple of weeks to get a half decent photo of her. In fact, she was so shy that not many people even knew there was a second dog in the kennel. Volunteer Dominique spent over an hour coaxing little Brindille out of the covered area, and after this, she gradually started to come out of her own accord. Progress was going to be slow.

Luckily (!) Dominique was having sleepless nights, worrying about Brindille. And so after a successful cat test, she brought her dogs to the SPA to see if everyone got on. This, too, went well, and today, following sterilisation, Brindille went off to her new home. And you can be sure that we will have plenty of news! Thanks Dominique!

Today also saw the adoption of Bambi. He was with us for about 5 weeks, before leaving today with a fabulous family. We are so happy for him, as although he is an absolutely delightful dog, sometimes these shepherd crosses have trouble being noticed, even when they look more like baby deer than dogs!

Not the end to the week that we were hoping for, sadly, despite the fact that two more dogs are in the warm tonight.

Chuckie – reclaimed (identified)




















Brindille – ADOPTED








New arrival – Mack









New arrival – Truc













New arrival – Vista (in a foster home, like her brothers)













New arrival abandoned) –  six year old Rox


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