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Two adoptions on open Sunday

First of all we need to clear up some confusion. Boudin’s owners were very surprised when they read the blog, as at that very moment Boudin (now called Link) was sitting by their feet. The dog who was brought back yesterday was in fact Milo, who was adopted at about the same time. We have no idea why his owners told us he had been called Boudin when he was at the SPA. In any case, Milo is a fabulous little chap, but as per yesterday’s blog, he will probably need to share his life with another dog if he is to stop his chewing.

Today was open day Sunday, and we had two reservations as well as two adoptions. We mentioned “old dogs” in last night’s blog, and so here is the news.

After nearly 15 months at the SPA, Oscar finally left for his new home today. This fabulous labrit has been very lucky, as not only is he not the youngest of dogs (although he is far from the oldest), he also has leischmaniasis. This was caught at a very early stage and as long as he gets his medication every day, he will be fine. But finding an owner willing to take this on has not been easy. The thought of the illness scares people, but in fact it is easily manageable, and providing dogs are treated against sand flies (with Advocate, for example) it is not infectious. Oscar’s new owners did not bat an eyelid at the news, and off he went for a new life. They were delighted with him and it is of note that although they arrived at the SPA with a list of “possibles”, when they saw Oscar ( who was not on the list) their choice was made.

As we often say, the heart goes where the heart goes!

Second to leave was litle Morgane, who has already been renamed Myrtille. Morgane is about 10 years old and has just had a tumour removed, so she will have to take it easy for a while till she is fully recovered. But she will get better far quicker away from the SPA, that is for sure. Her new family had been to see her yesterday and came along today with their magnificent beagle to make sure the two dogs got along together. Everyone left looking very happy!

There were plenty of volunteers walking dogs and chatting to potential adoptees, so despite only having a couple of adoptions the weekend has been well worthwhile.

This is Milo!

jack russell









Oscar – ADOPTED after 15 months

Couple with hairy dog










Morgane (now Myrtille, with pal Groseille) – ADOPTED

brown dog with beagle

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