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Two Adoptions to Start 2018

Today was the first day of the new year as far as the SPA was concerned. The gates opened at 14H00 and despite the rain, the place was busy all afternoon. And we had two adoptions to start things off on the right foot!

First to leave was Ken. A family came along looking for a companion following the recent death of their dog. They were looking for a young dog, but not a pup, and one who would get on with their neighbours’ dogs with whom they spend lots of time. Ken caught their eye immediately. This young shepherd cross was found in a nearby village, and although his owner phoned to see if he was at the SPA, once he heard about the obligation to identify his dog, we heard no more.

Things have worked out just fine, for Ken, though, as five weeks after his arrival he has a new home.

shepherd cross


Today’s second adoption was of Blair. He and his brother Orwell arrived a week after Ken, at the age of about 8 months. These not-quite pups often have trouble finding new homes; they have lost most of their puppy cuteness, but often do not have the calmness of an older dog. And in fact Wendy and her family came specifically for a puppy, having specifically waited until Christmas was over.

No pups were available, however, but I doubt very much that this is a cause of regret. The family’s bond with Blair was instant! They took him out for a walk and marvelled at his interactions with cat Cahouette (they have several dog-savvy cats). Blair is a very lucky lad; he has found a great family, and we will post news and photo of him, naturally.

black lab cross

Blair (now Blais) – ADOPTED

We should also say thanks to Estelle who came in on yesterday’s bank holiday to enable 14 year old Roxanne to leave with her owner. This elderly dog was identified by tattoo, but time and ear infections had erased this entirely, unbeknownst to her owner. Still, all’s well that ends well, and they are now happily reunited.

old staff cross

14 year old Roxanne – RECLAIMED

So despite the weather it was a good day, and we look forward to a year with plenty of adoptions. Some sunshine would be welcome too, but dogs and cats finding good homes is all that matters!

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