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Two beautiful new girls who need us!

Not such a great day today, with two new dogs arriving. However once you see how thin these two beautiful girls are, perhaps you agree with me, that their arrival is in fact good news. Now they are at the SPA, Sylphide and Sveltesse will be given regular high quality food, veterinary treatment and lots of love. I spent some time in their kennel with them this afternoon, and I was rewarded with several little delicate licks, as they learned that no harm would befall them, and that they are safe and loved.
As I have seen the numerous hunt dogs that are rejected at the end of each season, I have found myself drawn ever more towards this type of dog. They make wonderful family pets and they have a special something that just touches my heart. However long these two spend at the refuge, I am sure it is the best life they will have ever known. So welcome to both of them!

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