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Two dogs leave!

Today the beautiful husky called Anvik (whose real name was in fact Heaven) was reclaimed. Much argy-bargy on Facebook with the dog’s owner accusing us of having deliberately taken her dog, blah blah blah. Actually it was the Police Municipal who brought the dog to us, we do not actively go out to catch dogs in order to irritate people! Moreover, if the dog had been identified, we would have contacted his owner immediately. We have a lot less sympathy for people whose dogs are not identified, as you may have gathered.

Needless to say, the dog is now micro-chipped. But please don’t get on your high horse with us because you have not followed THE LAW regarding identification of animals. Honestly, if I had a euro for every time I used those words I would be a rich woman. It is not rocket science. Identify your dog, keep your details up to date in Paris and then if he or she arrives at the SPA, we will phone you.

I am glad Heaven is home, and I hope I never see him wandering loose around the outside of the refuge again. It is difficult for us to differentiate between dogs who have homes but whose owners leave them to wander all day, and dogs who have been deliberately dumped at the refuge gates. We are pretty good, but being psychic is not one of our skills.

In other refuge news, Beta, one of our tiny shih-tzu cross puppies left. That only leaves one, as another is reserved. And there was another reservation too, but for more news on that, you will have to be patient! But only until Tuesday, I am not really nasty, honest!

Come and see us on Sunday, we will be open and happy to introduce you to the dogs and cats, all of whom would love a new home.

Anvik, aka Heaven. – leaves identified.











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