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Two for Tuesday!

Today little beagle Tango left for a new home, and that is excellent news. We seem to get quite a few beagles at the refuge, and this can give the breed a bad reputation. But as many of us know, they are great dogs. Yes, they can have a tendency to follow their noses, but they are also renowned for being hugely affectionate and also, once they are suitably tired out, serious couch potatoes.

A family came to visit Tango yesterday, returning today to introduce him to their own dog. Everything went well, and so Tango, who is just a year old, has a new home. That is quite a quick turn around, as he only arrived at the end of June.



Today’s other leaver is even better news, if that is possible. Last week Coucoune, a small, elderly dog was brought to the refuge following the death of her owner. It is always tragic when this happens. The poor dog is bereaved (yes, animals do grieve) and then finds themself locked up in a concrete kennel, when they have been used to love and affection all their life. Although in Coucoune’s case, her owner had actually rescued her from previous mistreatment, so she has known bad times as well as good.

But the good times are set to continue! It is very rare for family members to come to collect a dog following the death of a relative. However much people like to assume that their family will step into the breach, anyone in rescue knows that families are often unable or unwilling to take on what is (or at least should be) a new family.

Not so for this girl, however. The owner’s nephews kept their promise to help out if needed, and today Coucoune, at 11 years old, left for her new life. So that is one more dog who does not have to suffer alone in the heat of the refuge, like so many other dogs.

Many thanks to them, and we hope that Coucoune has many happy years ahead of her.

small jagd terrier

Coucoune – RECLAIMED

So that was yet another good day, and there were a couple more reservations, too, meaning more happy news is on the way.

Oh, we must also say a massive thank you to the volunteer who came along to the refuge yesterday to descruff little bichon Cupidon. He had been brought to the refuge following mistreatment, and his coat was in appalling condition, matted and full of knots. Just look at him now!

Cupidon post haircut.


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