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Two happy dogs and two happy owners..

There have been no adoptions this weekend so I though that I would give an update on a couple of recent leavers.

Vanessa and Tadek adopted Venus and here is what Vanessa says about her..

‘Just a quick word to say Venus, now named Sugar is great, she’s such a happy and easy little girl. Lollipop is starting to get taken with her too 🙂
She’s clean in the house, no destruction at night, I suspect she sleeps on the sofa instead of in her bed according to the dog hair on the couch haha
I’ve even had her off lead today, she sticks around and is starting to have a recall 🙂
I couldn’t be happier.’

When adopting a dog with a toddler and another resident dog its really important to take your time and make sure that you make the correct choice. First of all Vanessa came to visit Sugar on her own, then with toddler Tadek and doggy Lollipop.  Vanessa was watching Sugars reactions very carefully as well as how Lollipop reacted to having a strange dog around her mum and baby! She then returned a few times to walk Sugar making sure that her heart hadnt over ruled her head!

Sugar ( ex Venus), a very lucky pup!

Next we had news of Fossette the 5 month old Fauve. She was adopted by Kate and hubby and is settling in very well. Kate wanted a pup to train to be around horses and looking at the photo she seems to be doing very well. Fossette will also be going to doggy training lessons and learning nice doggy manners which means that she will be able to go everywhere with Kate.

Kate and Fossette…

So two happy dogs , two happy owners……and strangly enough they dont live far from each other!

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