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Two lovely girls leave

Reently it has all been about puppies, but today two of our lovely adult females left for new homes.

First to leave was Sissi. This little griffon cross had been found and brought to the refuge just over four weeks ago, and remembering how she was on that first day, it is incredible that she was ready to leave so quickly. She went from being absolutely terrified and very skittish on the lead to being a sweet, affectionate and calm girl just in the space of a week or so. This perhaps says more about where she was before than anything else, and shows yet again that the ScPA is often the best thing that can happen to a dog.

Sissi left today for a lovely new home with an active couple who will shower her with love.


The second adoption was that of probably my favourite dog at the ScPA. Admittedly I have lots of favourites, but Mattie was just a little bit special. Left in a garden along with about 8 other dogs when her owner moved house, Mattie is blind in one eye, has had numerous litters (we suspect many of the eight dogs are her offspring), but completely trusting in humans.

Sally is a great friend of the refuge, and when her friend Angela decided to adopt another dog, Sally got in touch with us to see if we could help out. Mattie was one of two dogs who caught Angela’s eye, so initially she was torn, but Mattie just had that extra something, as well as being a bit older and calmer.

I am sure we will have regular news from Angela, but I just might have to go and visit Mattie for myself just for a cuddle.

Mattie – ADOPTED and busy winning over her new mum!

So the week is going quite well so far! Long may it continue.

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