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Two Monday Adoptions

With twelve new arrivals in less than 24 hours over the weekend, the SPA was desperately in need of some good news. And today we had it. Two adoptions!

First to leave was Mambo. He arrived fairly recently,  and sadly like many dogs, required vet treatment. In this case this puppy appears to have been impaled in the neck. Sometimes it is best to not know too many details. In any case he is fully recovered and today this little lad left for his new home, and so things are looking up for him after a horrid start to life.

Next our three-legged lovely, Fudja left for her new home and after seven weeks at the refuge.

Despite missing a leg, there was no need for anyone to feel sorry for Fudja. There are far sadder dogs at the SPA! Many of you will have seen the videos of her racing around like any other dog.  Her history is still a mystery: How did Fudja lose her leg? And why, after taking such good care of her injuries, did her owner then either leave her in the external box a the SPA, or not bother to collect her? But ultimately who cares why she arrived, the most important thing is that she has found a new home.

And what is more, as with Idefix, she has been adopted by volunteers, so we will have news and pictures on a regular basis.

Let’s hope that this is a good omen for the week ahead.

Puppy Mambo – ADOPTED











And Fudja – ADOPTED

three-legged dog


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