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Two oldies and a staffie are adopted

We have lots of good news to tell you today.

First to leave was Cacao. This elderly dog arrived identified almost three weeks ago, but was not reclaimed. This was hardly surprising, as apparently she was left in the communal area of an appartement building when her owners moved out. Dogs of this age are not always easy to home, despite the fact that many, like Cacao are in great health. Luckily for her, DRC were contacted by our good friends at Chateau Miaou. Sharon’s mum’s dog, Picos, is getting on a bit, and she was wondering if a new pal might cheer him up a bit. When they heard Cacao’s story and saw her photos, they decided that she was the one. Providing she was fine with cats, of course. She passed the test with flying colours, and today she left for a very happy retirement. Many thanks to Kay and all at Chateau Miaou.

dog in car with woman

12 year old Cacao (with Kay) – ADOPTED

Next to leave was Simba. He arrived at the ScPA in December 2017, and no one expected him to spend this long at the refuge. There were several people interested in adopting him, but nothing came of it, and he has had to wait a whole ten months for a new home. Yes, as he is officially a dangerous dog (haha!) there is a course to do and a bit of other paperwork, but this is not the end of the world. Simba is still under three years old, so although he has spent quite a bit of his life behind bars, that will soon be forgotten as he starts on his new life. Of course while he has been at the ScPA the employees and volunteers have given him plenty of love and walks, but nothing beats a new family, and we wish Simba loads of happiness.

pale brown staff


Last to leave was Urgo, a little Yorkshire terrier who arrived identified but who has not been reclaimed. We are very happy for him, especially as he is another oldie! Many thanks to his new family for offering him a new life. We hope he, too, has many years of happiness ahead of him.

yorkshire terrier

12 year old Urgo – ADOPTED

So three wonderful adoptions; two of dogs who are 12 years old, and one of a staffie. That is what I call good news!

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