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Two on Tuesday

Today sharpei cross Gaya has gone to a new home, after just over two weeks at the SPA. She arrived with another dog, Toby, who we were subsequently told was one of this girl’s puppies, and that yet another was being given away for free on the internet. What were we saying yesterday about people having litters of unwanted puppies?

In any case Toby was reclaimed, but his owner said she was not the owner of Gaya, so at only a year old, this little girl found herself at the SPA. However, as we all know, this isn’t always a bad thing. Gaia’s fate might have been to give birth to litter after litter of puppies, so coming to the SPA might have been the best thing to happen to her. Not only is she now sterilised, she got treatment for an eye infection, too.

Gaya’s fortunes really did change, as she caught the eye of employee Jeanne, and today the papers were signed! Of course this means that we will have lots of news and photos, which always make us happy. But happiest of all is Gaya, out of the cold and into a loving home!

black sharpei cross


Another happy dog tonight is puppy Paco. He is a brother of Tonino (now Marcus), who was adopted yesterday, and is a real cutie. We wish him a long and happy life in his new home.

brown puppy



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