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Two on Tuesday

Today two more dogs left the refuge, both of them were small young females whom we could have rehomed several times over. So inevitably there will be some people who are disappointed, but we hope that they will not abandon their quest to find the perfect pooch. We firmly believe that there is a home for every dog, it is just that for some dogs there is more than one home.

In any case, onto the news. First to leave was Brioche, who has now been renamed Naya. She is a pretty little cross breed; maybe some pinscher maybe some chihuahua, who was found and brought in just under two weeks ago. She was terrifed when she arrived and in fact made a bolt from the car of them gentleman who had found her, which resulted in a bit of a panic. But she was soon scooped up and brought to the refuge, where she settled in quickly.

She turned out to be not as timid as we thought, and is a friendly and lievely girl whom we are sure will be very happy in her new home.

small mid brown dog

Brioche (now renamed Nala) – ADOPTED

Next to leave was puppy Opaline. She arrived a couple of days before Brioche and has been lucky enough to have spent her refuge time in the cat house. The dogs in there are actually separate from the cats, but are surrounded by feline odours. And this is maybe just as well, as Opaline’s new family are cat owners.

Although the ScPA does of course have adult dogs who are fine with cats, all the adults that appealed to Opaline’s new family were not feline friendly (yes, we are talking about Pebble again, amongst others). So they offered a home to Opaline, and we are delighted for her.

speckled black and white spaniel

Opaline – ADOPTED

We have more good news tomorrow, so see you then!

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