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Two puppies and a Bird fly away!

Today saw the adoption of two pups and one adult.

First off was Lola, who went straight to a foster home (many thanks Shirley) and then left with her new family after the minimal amount of time. Lolo had a bit longer to wait, and although she spent it at the SPA, she was with her brother, Nico. Today she too left, and as her new family are the parents of volunteer Esther, we will have plenty of news and photos, of course!

Then we had the adoption of Bird. This lovely flatcoat arrived at the SPA very thin and having been tied to a lamp post in a nearby village. No news of its owners, until a third party contacted us by Facebook to tell us about the missing dog. We responded that he had been at the SPA for four weeks, had now been vaccinated, identified and castrated and that his owner would be expected to pay an adoption fee (which is still less than all the treatment he had received). After declaring herself to be delighted, she then decided it was not her dog (who was still missing), despite his being identical in every way, including the half docked tail.

Well, her loss is someone else’s gain! Today Bird left with a lovely young retiree and who came a long way to adopt the dog of her dreams. She met a few dogs before Bird caught her eye, and he was just what she was looking for. We are delighted for this beautiful young dog. As is often the case, the SPA was a stepping stone to a better life!

Please don’t forget that the refuge is shut both tomorrow and Easter Monday. Have a lovely break, and remember, don’t share your easter eggs with your dogs!

Lola – ADOPTED (thanks to her foster family)












And Lolo – ADOPTED

spaniel pup












And Bird – ADOPTED

flatcoat retriever


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