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Two pups leave for new homes

The refuge was hot again this afternoon, but there were quite a few visitors. This bodes well for tomorrow, when the ScPA is open for the first Sunday of the month.

Yes, visitors are great, but visitors who adopt are even better. And today two lucky dogs left. Both are puppies and are from very different-looking litters. And by the looks of things, both of them are going to be very happy indeed.

First to leave was a little puppy who had no name. The litter was not ready for adoption when a family passed to see if they could find a new canine companion. They have an elderly dog at home who has recently lost his pal, and they wanted to adopt a puppy this time. They chose a tiny border collie, who they are planning on naming Happy. And she looked very pleased with herself, as the first of her litter to leave.

white border collie


Secondly we said goodbye to Praline. She is the smallest of her litter, and has gone to live with a woman who also has a magnificent looking female staffy. The two dogs got on wondefully well in the park, with the big sister playing gently with her new friend. Lots of fun and games await this little girl in her new life.

puppy with long ears

Praline – ADOPTED

If you like the look of either pup, it is not too late. There are plenty more just like them waiting for homes. As well as numerous adults, of course. Why not come along tomorrow and meet them?

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