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Two Saturday Adoptions and a Huge Donation.

Today we have two more adoptions to tell you about.

The first of the lucky dogs is Princesse, who was adopted yesterday. She and her sister Kiara were brought to the refuge at the end of October by their owner who could no longer look after them. Not only are they stunning dogs, but they are both fine with children, cats and other dogs. It was no surprise that with credentials like these, Princesse found a home so soon. In fact the SPA has already received photos of her lying happily on the floor with her new family’s toddler. Let’s hope Kiara finds a new home soon, as well.

Princesse – ADOPTED

Next we said goodbye to Hallowe’en dog Denis “Piout”. This stunning border / beauceron cross has been at the SPA since mid August, but this was not his first time with us. He had visited the Pound on a number of occasions, and each time, just before the ten days were up, he was reclaimed. One of those times we had an adopter who was desperate to take him home, too, so we were very disappointed that he left. And more so when he arrived once again, never to be reclaimed. On the other hand, he is now castrated, which would never have been the case otherwise! And today he has a new home too.

big black and white dog with one blue and one brown eye

Denis “Piout” – ADOPTED

Also today we have to pass on huge thanks once again to the amazing team at Dog Park 11 who donated over 300 kg of dried food to the SPA. This was collected during a recent group walking event and we are very grateful to Fabrice and everyone at this fabulous local association for their continuing support.

Many thanks to Dog Park

Finally please don’t forget that the SPA will be open for the first Sunday of the month tomorrow. It is the end of our Hallowe’en week, and volunteers have been discussing their costume choices. If you or your children would like to wear an outfit, you will be in good company!

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