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Two Saturday Adoptions

We had two adoptions today and naturally we are delighted about both.

First to leave was Noelle. She arrived back at the SPA on Wednesday following a failed adoption, and it is wonderful that she didn’t have long to wait before finding a new home. She is a lovely girl, with no particular issues. However some adoptions just don’t work out. Noelle’s new family are experienced owners, and have recently lost a beloved dog. Moreover they have great neighbours, people who have recently adopted from the SPA. So Noelle will have friends to play with and we hope that she has a long and happy new life.

Black lab cross

Noelle – ADOPTED

Next we said farewell to Nina who like Noelle¬† is just a year old. She arrived very recently due to the death of her owner. In some ways these are the saddest dogs, as they knew nothing but love before coming to the SPA. However life has taken a turn for the better today. Nina has been adopted by a family who is well known to us, as is their dog, Kaiser. He found himself alone following the death of the family’s other dog, and he was brought to the SPA to choose his new pal. With impeccable taste, Kaiser selected Nina, although his family would have taken all the dogs had they been able.

Kaiser and (on the right) Nina – ADOPTED

We had a couple of arrivals, one is a puppy who has gone home to be fostered with volunteer Stephanie (many thanks). But the most urgent arrival is Lila. She is identified and is 14 years old. We are sure someone is looking for her, but they were not answering their phone. Lila is safe in the warm of the infirmary, and we hope her owner comes to collect her soon.

small dog

We are looking for the owners of Lila, who is 14 years old and identified

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