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Two Sunday adoptions and a quick catch up

Another superb day at the refuge with two adoptions, but first some news to catch up on from yesterday.

Although not an adoption per se, Saturday saw the departure into foster of a dog who has caused quite a stir since her arrival at the refuge. Petite Rose, or to give her her real name, Lou, has attracted a lot of attention. A tiny breton spaniel who could pass for a puppy, this dog is in fact one of the oldest at the refuge, at 13 years old. She arrived in a horrible state thanks to the cruelty inspectors and in need of urgent vet treatment for breast cancer, and we set about looking for a foster family for her.

When dogs need ongoing vet treatment, foster families are an ideal solution. The dog can continue to visit the ScPA vet, thus giving them continuity of care, but the dog can live in a home environment. Rose still has one operation to undergo, but we will follow her progress and hopefully she will have many years ahead of her.

mini spaniel

Petite Rose – Long term foster 

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in her. Several families contacted DRC offering her a home, and it is wonderful to see that older dogs can have such a bright future.

Now to today’s adoptions. And these too are cause for celebration. Nino, the setter cross whom DRC tried desperately to home before his arrival at the ScPA has a new family. And not only that, he will continue to live with Favela, who has been his kennel mate at the refuge.

setter cross


It is quite unusual for kennel-mates to be adopted together, but their new family know that the dogs get on well. They are here on holiday and just fell in love with the dogs. And as the family has three children and are almost always at home, it sounds like the perfect life for these dogs who love human company as well as canine.


Favela – ADOPTED

Fabulous news on which to end the week, and hopefully we have more adoptions in the pipeline!

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