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Two dogs are rehomed

Two dogs who were brought to the ScPA for rehoming left for new lives today!

Google arrived at the ScPA at the end of May, meaning he has spent a whole six months at the refuge.  That is less than many of our dogs, but a long time for a dog whom, thanks to his former owners, we know to be good with female dogs, cats as well as being house trained. Most of our dogs arrive as completely unknown quantities, so knowing anything at all is a bonus, of course, but with a CV like this we all expected Google to be adopted a bit quicker. Especially as he is a stunning border collie / setter cross who at four years old, is in the prime of life.

We are pleased that he has found a new home, even if it did take six months for the right one to come along.

border collier cross

Google – ADOPTED

Second was Cerise She arrived at the refuge at the end of July, and has made lots of progress since. Initially very nervous, she settled in nicely and has become a favourite on walks.

A couple visited the refuge yesterday to find a new friend, and learning that their number one choice was not at all compatible with cats (naughty Pebble!), they decided to come back today to meet some other candidates. Cerise ticked all the right boxes and off she went to her new life.

brown and black setter cross

Cerise – ADOPTED

So two dogs who were brought in for rehoming have left. As we have said before, it is sad for dogs to have to change homes, but being brought in responsibly by their owners is by far the best way for a dog to arrive. The more we know about a dog in a home environment, the more likely we are to find a home that will suit him or her. And further to yesterday’s excellent blog by Moira, it can avoid causing many people to spend hours of their time (we are all volunteers) playing catch up, as well as prevent a “foreign” dog being at risk.

Let’s hope for more good news as a new week gets underway!

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