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Updates as promised!

In last night’s blog I promised that we would catch up with news of out travelers. Yesterday was not a good day to be traveling in France, the weather was poor and there were mega delays. Despite this all of our dogs reached their destination later than planned but hale and hearty. Disco, Fanta and Mojo are now enjoying life at Animal Trust and Stivel is now in Germany…phew! There has already been a reservation but that is Darcey’s news to tell!

It is of course fundraisers like yesterday’s Puivert event that allow us to send dogs abroad. Its worth every minute of effort to see these dogs beginning to enjoy life again.

As these dogs move on, others have of course arrived. Lets hope that none of them have a two – four year wait like Disco ad Fanta did! Sad as it is, the refuge can be a haven for lots of dogs, they are fed regularly, given vet care and of course assessed so we can ensure that they go to the perfect family. The SPA is like a stepping stone towards their future and without it many would simply die on the streets. Whilst in our care we aim to make their life as comfortable as possible. This where the volunteers really make a difference, a nice walk or a cuddle makes such a big difference to their day. They know who are volunteers and who are likely to take them for a walk. Some dance with glee when they see you coming, other literally leap in the air with excitement but it’s the ones who hide at the back of their kennels who are most worrying and who need one to one time spent socialising them.

So lets be proud of days where we have people out supporting us and consider every euro donated means that either a dog can move on or we can make life a bit better for them whilst they are with us.

Here are our arrivals…

Filou…a lovely pup!


Moby…a recent arrival


Jason, another arrival



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