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Urgent Appeal: Bang

Our latest appeal is for Bang. He is a small to medium crossbreed who was brought to the ScPA having been found in a warehouse with occasional visits from the owners. Yes, many dogs have worse lives than this, but as far as we are concerned, they all deserve better!

Bang was born in January 2016 although he perhaps looks a bit older due to not having had the easiest of lives up to now. He is fine with most other dogs, but his relationship with cats is a bit more complicated. He seems to tolerate them indoors, but outside is a different matter, so a cat free home would probably be best. Unless your cats are quick movers, at least.

He is getting lots of love at the refuge, most notably from Ingrid, who sadly cannot adopt him due to issues with one of her other dogs (although Bang is not to blame at all). He is walked often and loves his trips to the lake, where he sploshes around happily. He is fine in the car and is good at adapting to new situations. He is quick to learn and would thrive at dog school.

Bang is full of joy and fun, and although we are sure that the refuge is the nicest place he has lived, we are certain that the best is yet to come!

His adoption fee is €170, for which he is castrated, vaccinated and identified by microchip.

Please help us find a home for Bang.



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