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Urgent Appeal: Meline

Meline arrived at the ScPA way back in December 2018. At this time she was extremely thin and malnourished, she had clearly recently had pups and was struggling to get her strength back. At the time we wrote that she was baggy of breast, but that this would soon sort itself out. And guess what, it did. Meline now looks fabulous!

At the time of arrival Meline was extremely nervous of people. Well that has changed too. The staff and volunteers have done a wonderful job with her. Walking her has changed a lot too. Those of you who have visited the refuge will probably know that there is a railway bridge just down the hill. On her first walks Meline was too scared to set foot on this bridge (even though it is effectively just part of the road). Now however she doesn’t even notice it, skipping across without a care in the world.

Meline shares her kennel with a male dog, and although she can be a bit bossy (she wants to be up front, where the visitors can see her easily), she is fine. She cannot tolerate cats, however, so a feline-free home is required for this lovely girl.

Meline was born in January 2014, meaning that at the time of this appeal she is not quite 6 years old. This is just early middle age, and hopefully Meline will have many happy and healthy years head of her. I am sure that after the life she had before reaching the ScPA, Meline thinks that the refuge is the best place in the world. But we all know how wonderful things are outside the ScPA. Who wants to help Meline discover the world?

Meline is vaccinated, sterilised and microchipped and her adoption fee is €170. However as she is the urgent appeal, if you wish to adopt Meline, then DRC will pay half the adoption fee.

Please get in touch if you would like to adopt this lovely girl.



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