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Urgent Appeal: Jax

Ben has been adopted already, so we have another urgent appeal for you. This time it is for another of the many dogs who have no business at all being at the ScPA.

Jax is what we at DRC call a hidden gem. He is one of the dogs who no one notices. He is a fairly big boy, but so well behaved that you hardly know he is there. And this is perhaps why no one notices him. It is really important to walk any dog that you are thinking of adopting, as you see far more of a dog’s character when he is out of the refuge. But of course there has to be something to prompt you to walk a dog in the first place. So far Jax’s only walks have been thanks to volunteers. Let’s see if we can change that!

Jax is a beauceron cross who was brought in for rehoming by his family way back in July 2018. He was still under two years old at the time, and it is shocking that he has been behind bars for over a year already; more than a third of his life. For a dog this well-behaved, too!

Jax is fine with other dogs and shares his kennel happily. He is very well trained, doesn’t pull on the lead and is attentive and affectionate. Our behaviour expert, Vincent, cannot sing Jax’s praises enough; he too is baffled as to why no one has offered this dog a home.

Jax is fully vaccinated, identified and castrated. Anyone adopting him will surely be delighted, and Jax will surely reward this love a thousand fold.

Please share for beautiful Jax. A dog this perfect should be in a home, not behind bars.




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