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Urgent Appeal: Ben

Ben was one of two dogs who were brought in together with two female dogs this summer. All of them were fabulous; well socialised, good on the lead, fine with other dogs and very affectionate towards people of all ages. The girls found new homes very quickly, as was predicted, and then it was the turn of Jerry. Less than a week later, Ben too was adopted, but sadly he was brought back a day later as the family cat was unhappy.

Of course this does not mean that Ben cannot live with cats. He passed the cat test at the refuge just fine, but it must be remembered that a home environment is different and not all cats will accept a dog into their territory. The refuge cats are well used to being invaded from time to time.

So although Ben is no “sad case”, it is just the fact that he is such a good, easy dog that makes him our urgent appeal.

Ben was born in January 2017. He is a spaniel cross, medium sized, that is, with a lovely speckly tricoloured coat. He is fine on the lead and can share his home with other dogs without any problem, but would also be happy as an only dog. He is young and active, so will enjoy long walks.

Ben is vaccinated, castrated and identified and is all ready for his new home. Let’s make him as happy as his brothers and sisters surely now are! He deserves this happiness too.



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