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Urgent Appeal: Cappucino

Our last couple of appeals have been for elderly dogs or dogs who have been at the SPA for a long time, so this time we thought we would change it up a bit. As we often remark on the blog, the SPA has many hidden gems; dogs who just get passed over because they do not always show their best side when they are in a kennel.

One such dog is Cappucino. He is a black and white brittany spaniel who is a really easy dog. He is small to medium size, and very affectionate with everyone. He is fine with other dogs, gets on fine with cats, and all in all is just about perfect. He is an active dog, so would love a family with an outdoorsey lifestyle or one who take lots of long walks. An enclosed garden is probably required, at least until Cappucino knows the ropes.

Cappucino was born in January 2014 and is castrated, identifed and fully vaccinated. Why not come and meet him at the SPA Carcassonne?

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