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Urgent Appeal: Fly

Fly has become one of the ScPA’s invisible dogs. These are the dogs who just fit in so well with refuge life that no one really notices them. Sometimes it is because they have no particularly distinctive markings, or sometimes it is because they are happy to just keep a low profile in their kennel. The latter is the case with Fly, because no one could describe this dog as being average looking.

Yes, there are other spaniels at the refuge, but I challenge you to find one who is as handsome as Fly. He has everything going for him. He is tricoloured as well as being speckly, and he has beautiful eyes.

Fly gets on fabulously with other dogs, and he adores people. He is a very calm dog, too, who doesn’t pull on the lead apart from at the very start of a walk. And we can’t blame him for that. Despite his age (Fly is now 6 years old), he is full of beans and adores his outings, which sadly for him are all too occasional at the refuge.

Fly has now been at the ScPA for nearly 8 months, it is time for him to find a home.
Please share for him and let’s try to get him out of there!


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