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Urgent Appeal: Molly

This time our urgent appeal is for Molly, who is one of many dogs who has no business at all being at the refuge. Due to her lively behaviour in her kennel, she is having trouble attracting a family, so we are hoping that this post might encourage someone to take her out on a walk and see the true Molly.

Molly is a Dutch shepherd cross, weighing some 25 kg. Or at least that is what she should weigh, were she not so hyper in her kennel. Molly is so frustrated at being locked up that she jumps round and is full of nervous energy. On a walk she is a completely different dog, however.

Molly is very well trained. She walks to heel with no pulling and knows lots of commands. I am sure that she would be off lead very soon. What’s more she gets on fine with other dogs and children. Plus she is fine with cats! Yes, the perfect triple!

Molly is a very engaging dog; her sole purpose in life seems to be to please whomever she is with. However she is very intelligent and will need lots of stimulation for her mind as well as her body.

Please get in touch if you can offer a home to Molly. Like all our dogs, Molly will be far happier out of the refuge. But in Molly’s case being locked up is having a very negative effect on her spirits, and as she should be so easy to rehome, we are relying on you to help, either by sharing her story, or better still, by adopting her yourself!

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