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Urgent Appeal: Gege

gegeGege is our urgent appeal for no other reason than that he has been very unlucky. He was adopted but brought back 24 hours later as his new owner seemed to have an adverse physical reaction to him. Devastating for the poor dog, who had done nothing at all wrong.

During his brief time in his new home he was absolutely perfect; clean, calm, affectionate. Everything a dog should be, in fact. This is why we would like to help him find a home as quickly as possible. He arrived in May 2015, and as far as we are concerned he has spent more than enough time behind bars. To have freedom snatched away from his so quickly is just so unfair.

So let’s see what we can do to find him a home again!

Gege is a porcelain cross, who was born in August 2011. He is fine with dogs of both sexes and despite his size, does not pull hard on the lead. He is simply beautiful and has proven his worthiness to be a great pet. He has frequently been walked by people with young children and he respects their size.

C’mon guys, someone out there must be tempted!