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Urgent Appeal: Dyson

Our urgent appeal this time is for Dyson, who is a young healthy dog who has no particular urgency about him, apart from the fact that no dog like this should be behind bars. This dog is a perfect family dog, ready for any home.

Dyson was brought in for rehoming when his family lost their home. Had he been smaller, perhaps he could have gone with them, but had he been smaller he would doubtless have been adopted already.

Dyson was born in November 2014. He is a magnificent stripey colour, and is a Cursinu cross. If you look this up on the internet, you will see that the breeds characteristics make it a perfect companion. And that is what Dyson has always been and would like to be again.

Dyson is fine with other dogs, fine with cats and fine with children. He walks on a slack lead and several of the volunteers let him run free on walks. He loves to swim. He is house trained and does not destroy. He really is a remarkable dog. Our dog behaviourist, Vincent, is constantly singing his praises; he agrees, Dyson is perfect.

However since his arrival at the refuge in March, not a single person has asked about adopting him. Despite his handsome looks, Dyson has become one of the refuge’s invisibles.

Please come and meet him. You will not be disappointed.

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