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Urgent Appeal: Hermione

Our last urgent appeal was for a small old male dog, so this time we have a small young female who we hope will have the same luck at finding a home as did Kiki.

Hermione is a small jack russell cross who is not enjoying refuge life at all, and we really would like to find her a home soon. She arrived in mid February and at the time appeared to be quite calm, cowering in people’s arms. Since then, however, the reality of refuge life has hit her hard. For young, lively dogs, it is no place to be. Walks are too infrequent, and even when sharing a kennel, life behind bars can be boring.

Hermione is so desperate for entertainment that she flings herself at the hose when staff are cleaning out the kennels, and she scrabbles madly at the bars. Her feet are almost always wet, and she is giving herself blisters. She is quite a pitiful sight, and there is not much that can be done to help her. Changing the kennel won’t help, and keeping her inside would just make her frustration worse. She is miserable and is losing weight so what this little girl needs is a home!

She is fine with other dogs, not so much with cats. She loves children and despite being extremely active (she is a jack russell!), she is also extremely affectionate and not at all snappy.

Hermione is looking for a family with lots of energy, as despite her small size, she enjoys her walks, and a small trot around the block will not do it. An enclosed garden would be great, where she can run and play and lounge around in the sun. Once she has regular exercise this lovely little girl will be able to relax at last.

If you think you might be able to offer a home to Hermione, please get in touch.

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