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Urgent Appeal: Kiki

Kiki was brought to the ScPA in early February when his owner was taken to hospital, and there was every expectation that he would leave us. However it was not to be. His owner is no longer with us, and Kiki needs a new home.

He is living in the reception area, and although there was some interest in him when he first arrived, since he has become available for adoption, no one has asked about him. Either they assume he is still waiting for his owner, or they assume he belongs to one of the employees. Kiki was born in June 2009.

He is fine with everyone and everything. Cats, children, dogs….He doesn’t like being left alone for too long, so he needs a home with a stay at home owner. Although he has company during the day, he is left alone from the time the ScPA closes until the next morning, which must be really hard on him.

Kiki is house trained and in great health, apart from a tiny heart murmur. For this he takes half a Benakor 5 tablet per day.

Kiki is a papillon cross who is starting to go a bit grey, but who still has many years ahead of him. He has been adored his whole life and would love to find another loving home. He is a senior dog, so his adoption fee is just €80 for which he is castrated, identified and vaccinated.

Please get in touch if you would like to offer Kiki a home. He is a really sweet little chap who deserves to be in a loving home.


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