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Urgent Appeal: Griff

We at DRC simply cannot understand why Griff has not been adopted. He has been at the refuge since October 2017, which is just incomprehensible, both to us and to the staff and volunteers.

He and his two brothers were kept in garage until the age of two, when their owner finally agreed to bring them to the refuge and let them have a normal life. Initially he was very timid, but 18 months of love and walks and company have made a huge difference to this lad. Griff has been sharing his kennel the entire time, although he has seen a lot of his kennel-mates leave.

He is a stunning boy, who was born in October 2015. He is fine on the lead, fine with other dogs, he has wiry fur, like a terrier but obviously he is bigger. Griff really deserves a home and will return a thousand-fold the love of whoever is lucky enough to adopt him.

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