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Urgent Appeal: Kipnak

KipnakWhen Kipnak arrived at the SPA in October 2014, no  one expected that he would still be at the SPA over a year later. A medium sized discreet dog who is great with other dogs and who is fine on the lead should not have to wait this long. So let’s try and give Kipnak a helping hand to find his new home.

Kipnak is identified as a husky cross, but he is of much smaller and slighter build than a husky, with shortish fur. He was born in 2004, so is one of our senior dogs and hence benefits from a reduced adoption fee of just €80. He shares his kennel happily with males or female dogs and is a very easy dog.

On walks he is respectful towards the person on the end of the lead, never pulling or going at an uncomfortable speed for them. He is lively for his age, in fact he could pass for a much younger dog He has no ongoing health issues

Kipnak would make a great addition to any family. A real hidden gem!

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