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Urgent Appeal: Nesquick

Nesquick is one of the ScPA dogs for whom the phrase “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride” was invented. We have lost count of the number of dogs he has shared his kennel with; each time they are adopted he shares with the next dog, never complaining, always welcoming.

Our last urgent appeal, Trudy is still at the refuge, and although she is still a bit timid, she is far less so since she has been sharing with Nesquick. In fact she has trouble walking without him; he is her safety net. As long as he is close, she is fine. But the fact he is such a good box mate, does not mean that he doesn’t deserve a home of his own, so let’s try and find him a home.

Nesquick is a spaniel cross who was born in September 2013. He was found in a nearby village, where, we are told, he was bullied by children. For this reason he would prefer a home without young children, although he can walk with them happily. Nesquick was born in September 2013 and has now been at the refuge for over 2 years, which is a very long time!

He pulls on the lead, but this is partly due to getting out so infrequently. Which is due to the fact that he pulls on the lead. He would love an enclosed garden where he can run around to his heart’s content!

Nesquick is a good steady dog if you have a nervous dog; he seems to immediately understand them and put them at ease. If you think you could offer this lovely boy a home, please get in touch


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