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Urgent Appeal – Luna

Today DRC would like to put the spotlight on Luna, a Parsons Jack Russell terrier who really needs a home. We are putting her as an urgent appeal, rather than a hidden gem, as unlike our other hidden gems, we know that Luna is not the perfect dog for everyone.  However for the right person she most definitely is!

Luna is small and pretty

Luna was born in January 2015 and arrived at the refuge already identified to a breeder, where she had presumably served several years and made him lots of money before being discarded. As she is still very young, she does not have any of the signs of having been a breeding dog, and is in great shape.

This was in July 2019 and Luna spent four months at the refuge before her first adoption. Very sadly for both her and her family, Luna was brought back as she was unable to live with the couple’s other dog. The ScPA already suspected as much, and had warned the owners that this might be the case, but they were keen to try and it was fair to give Luna her chance. However her return emphasised the fact that Luna has to be an only dog. Nor can she live with cats. However she can walk with other dogs, so is not as antisocial as some dogs who have managed to find homes!

Despite being a bit feisty outside, Luna loves her home comforts

Luna’s next family had young children and this proved to be no problem. The issue here was Luna’s major “failing”. She is a runner! The husband took her to work with him, but he is a construction worker and Luna would leave the site. She always returned, but the risk to her was too great, so he decided to leave Luna at home with his wife. Luna was not taken out enough, and began to be dirty in the house. So back she came.

Her latest adoption lasted even less time, and Luna is back at the ScPA. Surely there must be someone out there for this lovely little dog?

Luna loves long walks

It is worth checking out breed information for Jack Russells. They are small dogs (Luna is TINY), but have big personalities. The word “Feisty” could have been invented to describe them. Luna is no exception. However she is also hugely affectionate. She can be a lovely lap dog, but needs plenty of exercise. Luckily she is great on the lead, although at the refuge she is walked with a double lead, as she does try to escape.

She is very unhappy at the refuge and cries and yips in her kennel. However she is very quiet at home, and her first family say that she was adorable in the house.

Luna is adorable. And not just when she is asleep!

All Luna needs is the right person. With regular walks she would be fine with a small well-enclosed garden or even no garden at all. She loves people and travels well in a car. I myself scooped her up once when I found on on the lam from the building site, and she sat calmly in the passenger seat while I drove her to the refuge to await her owner.

If anyone likes their dogs small and feisty, but with lots of love to give, then please consider offering a home to little Luna. We can contact her first family and put you in touch with them if you would like to discuss her in more detail. They are Anglophones and had they not had another dog, Luna would still be living with them for sure. They loved her and she loved them.

Luna wants to be happy again.

Please help us find a home for Luna. If you cannot help by adopting her, please share for her and let’s find her the forever family she deserves.

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