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Urgent Appeal: Mabrouka

Lovely Mabrouka was brought in for rehoming by her owners in mid September with a young malinois called Canelle. Apparently the dogs barked and this annoyed the neighbours. When they only had Mabrouka, there was no barking, so we can guess who the culprit was, but both dogs were brought in and Canelle has been adopted first. Go figure.

Mabrouka needs a home too. And of the two dogs there is no doubt that she is the one I would have chosen. She is a fabulous girl, a medium sized black and tan dog with medium long fur. She is no youngster, having been born in September 2009. She is in great health, and is fully vaccinated, sterilised and identified by microchip.

Mabrouka is fabulous on the lead, no pulling at all. She is great with other dogs, too, both male and female, and is affectionate and has wonderful manners. I honestly cannot understand why she has not been adopted before now.

She might have been overlooked due to her age, and it is true that she is no youngster. But many of us know the joy an older dog can bring. And don’t forget, senior dogs leave for a special fee of just €80. But as Mabrouka is the DRC urgent appeal, we will pay her adoption fee!

Please come and meet Mabrouka. Now that she is no longer sharing with Canelle (who bullied her all the time) she has a chance to show what a lovely girl she is and how deserving she is of a new home, just like her friend!

Please help us find a home for lovely Mabrouka, even if you are unable to adopt her yourself.



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