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Urgent Appeal: Victoire

Although Victoire is a recent arrival at the ScPA, she has been known to us for many years. Twice a year for several years this lovely tricoloured shepherd has been responsible for a litter of pups that has been brought to the refuge by residents of the local village, or have been captured by ScPA employees, sometimes only after several pups had died. Victoire, however, remained untouchable, “protected” by the villagers. Her life has been misery.

Now Victoire needs a new home. Finally the cycle is broken. She is sterilised and her days of wandering and begging for food are over.

Victoire was born in June 2015, but has everything to learn. She is unused to human contact, although you can tell from her eyes and her expression that she is interested and would love to learn. Having spent her whole life avoiding humans, it is natural that she should be suspicious.

Victoire will need a patient family. She has never lived indoors, so an enclosed garden is essential. Her new family should have another dog, preferably a mature and well socialised one, so that Victoire can learn all about being a domesticated animal.

If you think you would like to offer Victoire a home, please get in touch. It will be very much a case of taking everything slowly; we would probably recommend several visits to meet her so that she can gain in confidence before leaving the ScPA, which is the first “home” she has ever known.

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